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We are always looking to improve upon one of the greatest vehicles ever in the Volkswagen range, the Vanagon/T3. From brake upgrades to complete turbo diesel engine conversions we are your source for making this unique vehicle a better, more reliable, more enjoyable and more efficient mode of transportation.

Vanagon/T3 Engine Conversion Systems

After many years of supplying conversion systems for the T3 and listening to customer complaints about cabin noise, broken welds etc we have come to the current design as the only way to mount the engine. 
Due to the resonance and harmonic characteristics of this lunch box, we have found it imperative to isolate the engine by using hydraulic engine mounts.  This necessitates the use of a 15 degree or upright design rather than the solid rubber mounts of the 33 degree lay down design used on the original 1.6 D transporter.
This design necessitates the use of a raised engine deck to clear the engine on all two wheel drive models. The new deck is easy to install and accepts the original engine cover. It can be painted or covered with your own matching carpet.

Vanagon/T3 Diesel Conversion

Engine Model Description Price  
1.9L Naturally Aspirated While possessing only twelve more horse power than the 1.6L diesel originally used in the Transporter. This 1.9L puts out 40% more torque. An economical system that is great for around town driving or deliveries. While not well suited for carrying heavy loads up hill unless you are not in a hurry. This system with stock gearing will still do 75mph. $6,900.00
1.9L Turbo Diesel One of our best systems with a greatly improved all around driveability and comfort at all speeds as well as fuel economy. With our uniquely designed inter-cooler system. This engine puts out more torque than the standard 1.9L turbo diesel. $8,900.00
1.9L TDI Pumpe Dusse Our top of the line system that transplants this unique cumbersome vehicle into a truly sporty ride. Using both our unique inter cooler system and a reconfigured ECU, the engine produces 150+hp. $11,900.00

Preassembled and Ready to ship

Basic Engine Installation Kit

This basic kit includes: Specially designed flywheel and clutch assembly, a modified bell housing for perfect fitment as well as the transmission input shaft and starter. Custom transmission mount, starter mounting plate, and slave cylinder support bar ensure perfect fitment.

** We strongly recommend using a new oil pump pick up with your engine of choice. Used oil pump pick ups may void new engine warranty.

Part Number Description Price
091 198 199 Basic engine to transmission installation kit $1,425.00

Complete Diesel Engine Installation Kit

This advanced kit includes: Bell Housing and Clutch Kit plus complete hydraulic engine mounting system and a raised rear platform.

The hydraulic mounting system is inclusive of the engine cradle, two hydraulic mounts, engine brackets and hardware.



Part Number Description Price
028 198 199 B Advanced engine installation kit $2,450.00
All 8 valve and 16 valve petrol engines form 1985-1998
1.6L Diesel and Turbo Diesel
1.9L Turbo Diesel, Code: AAZ
1.9L TDI, Code: AHU and 1Z
1.8L 20 valve Turbo, Code: AEB and ATW
038 198 199 B Advanced engine installation kit $2,450.00
8 valve 2.0L 199-2005
1.8L 20 valve Turbo, Code: APH, AWW, AWP, AUG, and AWM
1.9L TDI, Code: ALH
1.9L TDI Pumpe Dusse, Code: ATD and BEW

Diesel Kit Oil Pans

Specialty oils pans available.
The engine support bar included in the above kit requires the installation of a specific oil pan for clearance. If your engine was mounted originally in a longitudinal model car , the oil pan should clear the support bar.

Part Number Description Price
058 103 603 EM Oil Pan for kit 028 198 199 B $149.00
06B 103 603 PC Oil Pan for kit 038 198 199 B $149.00

Vanagon Big Brake Kits

251 698 123/124 R288 Vanagon front brake upgrade kit, 288mm vented rotors, calipers, brake pads, brake lines, hubs and hardware. 86-92 Vanagon/T3 $725.00 Vanagon Brake Kit
251 698 123/124 SR288 Vanagon front brake upgrade kit, 288mm vented rotors, calipers, brake pads, brake lines, and hardware. 86-92 Vanagon/T3 SYNCRO $595.00 Vanagon Brake Kit

Vanagon 5 Speed Conversion Kit

Replace the 4 speed transmission in your Vanagon with one of our 5 speed transmission conversion kits. Improve the drivability and fuel mileage of your Vanagon. The kit consists of a new transmission, front transmission to chassis mount and 5 speed shift box gate. Some fabrication is required.




Part Number Description Price
094 398 044 KK Vanagon 5 Speed Conversion Kit (2WD) - Short Ratio
Ring & Pinion: 5.50:1, 1st: 4.11, 2nd: 2.33, 3rd: 1.22
4th: 1.02, 5th: 0.81, Final Drive: 4.45:1


Vanagon Transmissions

Eurospec is proud to offer a variety of replacement transmissions for your Vanagon. We have 4 Speeds, 5 Speeds and Automatics available.



Part Number Description Price
090 300 036 D Automatic, 3 Speed, Code NM
Ring & Pinion: 45/11, 4.09:1
090 300 036 X Automatic, 3 Speed, Code NH
Ring & Pinion: 45/11, 4.09:1
091 300 043 AX Manual, 4 Speed, with Limited Slip, Code: CU, CV
Ring & Pinion: 38/7 5.43:1
091 300 043 KX Manual, 4 Speed, with Limited Slip, Code: DZ
Ring & Pinion: 41/7 5.86:1
091 300 043 JX Manual, 4 Speed, with Limited Slip, Code: DJ, DO
Ring & Pinion: 41/7 5.86:1
094 300 044 KX Manual, 5 Speed, with Limited Slip, Code: ABR
Ring & Pinion: 33/6 5.50:1